Google Samsung "switch 

Google Samsung "switch"
According to Simeon Simeonov in his HighContrast blog, Google and Samsung are working on a phone, code named "Switch". Google and Samsung have previously announced a partnership, so the basis is there, and Simeon adds interesting context. Of course, some of the details such as the ones that Simeon contemplates are educated guesses, but the best time to speculate is during the rumor phase, before an actual product announcement tosses our dreamed feature lists into reality, cutting 99% of the list. So let's speculate.
Google and Samsung will build the Switch as a mobile platform rather than a phone, eventually placing phones on a shelf with typewriters in the history of technology evolution. The Switch will be a mobile platform that has voice capability, but is built as a platform that supports voice (VoIP) just like it supports any other application. Like a PC supporting Google, Skype, and any other web based application that we use today, but a PC that fits in our pockets and has mobility. Similar to the uPhone paradigm that I wrote about during the iPhone craze, but a real mobile platform from two of the top companies in the world rather than a few words in a blog post from yet another blogger.
Mobile phone carriers wouldn't like the Switch. Let's assume the dominant carriers and Google/Samsung hit an impasse. Google/Samsung won't compromise on their vision of an open mobile platform. The carriers can't bear the thought of their networks becoming dumb pipes. Maybe only a few smaller mobile carriers would support the Switch, and likely every WiFi provider/consortium/city. So in the US for example the Switch wouldn't have full nationwide coverage, at least not at launch, but would have enough coverage to be dangerous. And does the Switch really need full coverage initially? Perhaps it is not replacing our cell phones at first, but rather providing us with a platform that can instantly do anything our PDA or MP3 player can do when the Switch is offline, and do everything our PC can do when it does have coverage (online). And of course it has two killer applications when it does have coverage - mobile optimized search and open, unrestricted access to the Internet and all online applications, including VoIP and IM.
Would you carry two computers - computer one that your cell phone carrier restricts to being mainly a voice application appliance (but with almost always on connectivity), and computer two that at first gives you a PDA/MP3 player when you are not connected, and gives you the Internet, mobile optimized search, and communications capability (VoIP, IM) when you are connected?
The beauty of this is that it is feasible for Google/Samsung. They can lose money on the Switch for years if that is what it takes, e.g. if the critical mass of users won't buy it until the Switch replaces their cell phone (when the Switch does gain always on network coverage). I also love the fact that the codename (if Simeon's sources are correct) is Switch. Not iPhone, uPhone, or Gphone. Because it isn't a phone. It is the future - a mobile computer platform with unrestricted Internet application support optimized for the mobile environment. That includes VoIP, but labeling it as a phone would be like labeling our computers as typewriters.